Requiem (MP3 Download)

This is a live recording (complete with whimpering babies!) of the All Saints Sunday morning service at First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, NC, on November 7th, 2010. The Chancel Choir was directed by Dr. Robert Wells and accompanied by Dr. Charles Hogan at the organ. The harp accompanist for Psalm 23 was Mrs. Sharon Whitehouse. In the Father’s Dwelling/Sanctus was accompanied by organ and the Westminster Ringers hand bell choir. Clare composed the organ prelude (Worship the Lord), the opening hymn (Hymn of Praise), the Requiem itself, and the organ postlude, an arrangement of Sine Nomine (not on the CD due to excessive background noise). All of these, plus several congregational responses, were written in partial fulfillment of her Master of Arts degree in Music Composition, under the guidance of Dr. Mark Engebretson and Dr. Greg Carroll. The text of the Requiem is the liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer Burial of the Dead (Rite II).

The Requiem recording is available for download in MP3 format. We also have sheet music available for purchase in downloadable PDF format: Requiem PDF Download. If you are purchasing the file for personal use, it is your property and you agree not to transfer it to another person or organization. The music contained in the file remains the intellectual property of Clare Toy Music.  You may make a backup copy of the file or copy it to a portable electronic device. In the event that you need an additional, please purchase an additional copy. If you need multiple copies, you may purchase the CDs themselves, which we will be happy to ship to you.